Communicate What You Stand For. Display What You Stand Against. Educate. Inspire. Activate. Positively.

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Promise, Purpose and Visceral Values with Character for a more Humanised, Personable and Connected Brand Voice

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Mathew James


Problem Bridging + Passionate Company Values

Mathew James is a systems designer and marketing consultant that brings everything back the to branding principles of Promise, Purpose and Visceral Values.

He promotes developing business character with true values for a more humanised and personable connection with customers. By clearly defining what an entity stands for and what it stands against, amongst numerous other points on his systemised checklist, you will have a brand that may not please everyone but will vibe strongly with the individuals aligned.

Mathew’s mission is to create an experience for the user (your customer) and a smooth and painless procedure your administration. His promise is to do everything in his reasonable ability to help people get their business up and running online with the strongest possible brand for their market.

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Brands of Promise, Purpose and Values
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